Global performance and the company

Ion Petrescu

Macroeconomic management in the world economy–an exploratory note on Africa

Ravinder Rena

Motivational strategies for human capital in non-governmental organizations

Constantin Brătianu

Bianca Mănciulescu

Open educational resources management (OERM)

Alexandru Ştefan

Camelia Ştefănescu

Stelian Pânzaru

Theoretical frames for designing reverse logistics processes

Janusz K. Grabara

Sebastian Kot

Quality management of services of local public administration in the Republic of Moldova

Elena Vaculovschi

Oxana Savciuc

The conditionings of the managerial performance

Ion Verboncu

Standpoints about the management of products design

Gica Cruceru

Challenges on the implementation of quality management systems in Universities in Finland

Cristinne Anttila

European managerial profession and behaviour

Liset Ivaşcu

Leading the social business

Marian Năstase

Managerial challenges in the relationship between performance and efficiency

Liliana Aurora Constantinescu

Ioan Adrian Morar

Trade relationship between China and Central Eastern European Countries

Jia Ruixia

Zhang Yuxin

Knowledge economy – the new business trend

Laura Popa

Competitivity of the company and product promotion management

Nicoleta Grideanu

Modeling managerial activity, a challenge or a need into the interconected economic space

Liviu Mihăescu